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Bible Version Detail — New Life Version(NLV)

What's in a Version? is a book about the process of Bible translationAbbreviation:NLV
Name:New Life Version
Functional Translation (1-10):6
Formal Translation (1-10):4
Ease of reading (1-10, 10 is easiest):10
Public Reading (1-10):2
Serious Study (1-10):2
Gender Neutral Language (1-10):1
Capitalization of pronouns referring to God (Yes/No):Yes
Extensive Translation of cultural terms (Yes/No):Yes
Translated by Committee (Yes/No):No
Interdenominational Participation (Yes/No):No
Interfaith Participation (Yes/No):No
Committee Note:
This is a simple language version. It is easy to read with limited vocabulary, but it will not flow well for public reading, and those who prefer a more formal and dignified form of English. I inidicate cultural translation because to a limited extent cultural references have been made generic, so that they can be understood by a broad range of readers.

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