The chart above shows some major Bible versions. Similar charts are in preparation for each version. Visit the Bible Versions Chart to learn more.

What goes into making a translation of the Bible? What is the difference between a translation and an edition? What is a study Bible and should I use one? What Bible translation is best for me?

Anyone with a background in biblical languages or translation is likely to hear these questions.

After hearing them for years, and offering several classes to lay people to help answer them, I did two things. First, I wrote a book. Then, using the opportunity provided by the internet, I created this site,, a site with a tool to help you choose.

This is the latest version of the site. I’m upgrading it with some additional editions listed in the store, a more modern look and feel, and some new navigation tools.

The tools will be rolled out over the next few days.

To start looking at what Bible version is best for you, go to the Bible Versions Chart. If you want more explanation, check out my book, What’s in a Version? It’s been around for more than a decade, but it still gives the basics in a gentle way.