This trio is based on the conservative evangelical classic NIV Study Bible. This is a strong study Bible with a balance of background, theological, and application notes and materials.

If you’re starting from an evangelical perspective, this can be your home base.

Be sure to also consider whether the NIV is your preferred translation. As an alternative, you might try the NLT Study Bible which has similar strengths.

If you’re using a conservative evangelical study Bible as your anchor point, it can be valuable to compare this to a moderate to liberal study Bible such as the Oxford Study Bible. This one is based on the REB.

An alternative might be the HarperCollins Study Bible based on the NRSV.

You may find it any particular devotional Bible annoying. The purpose of using a devotional Bible is to discover what other Christians are finding inspiring about the passage you are studying. This can be either a negative or positive experience, but especially if you are a teacher, it is good to know where this is coming from.

If you find a Charles Stanley Bible not close enough to your taste, there are numerous options you might find Max Lucado more to your taste, or one of hundreds of other devotional Bibles. This Bible is based on the NCV.